Week 3… Already?

January 25, 2008 6:29 pm

I haven’t forgotten about you!  Overall it’s just been a quiet week.  We plowed ahead with our project this week, getting things into quite good shape already.  I am quite surprised at how far along we are with it already actually. 

On Wednesday a bunch of the Storage Software team (the group we’re working with at NVidia) took us out to lunch to an Indian food place not too far from NVidia.  The food here has been rather interesting because it is so heavily influenced by Eastern countries (Asia/India/Thailand/etc).  The cafeteria only really serves “pasta” once a week or so (not counting the Asian stir-fry stuff), there’s always at least one Chinese or Japanese meal, and always one Indian meal and one meal that’s either Mexican or something ‘American’ or ‘European’ (turkey, steak, salmon). 

 The other excitement that I had this week was a venture yesterday to Stanford to attend an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meeting there.  After work I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then walked back to the caltrain,  hopped a train, then hopped a buss into the middle of the Stanford campus (a really really big campus).  I was a good deal early because I had no idea how frequently the buses ran and how long it would take once on the bus, but it worked out well.  There was a time of singing, a speaker (an Intervarsity staffer for their campus, who spoke about commandments in the Bible, and the misconception that people have that they are “bad” and that they are in-fact really good things that bring you closer to Him, relating them to a Dr’s instructions) , and finally some more singing.  (yay run on sentence 🙂 )  I hung out for a while aftewards and met some neat people.  There were actually 80+ people at this meeting, which was rather nifty coming from a much smaller Christian Group at WPI’s campus (although Stanford’s student population is >18,000 and WPI’s is ~4,000).  The journey back home was abit rougher as the caltrain only comes twice between 9 and midnight.  After a bit of the wait at the caltrain station I caught a train back to Mountain View and my apartment.  Several people at the meeting said that they could possibly drive me in the future so we’ll see if that works out. 

 Several of us from WPI were planning on going up north of San Francisco this weekend to a national forest up there, but it is currently raining hard and it’s suppsoto keep it up right through the weekend so we decided it wasn’t worth the chance of the park not being open.  That more or less leaves my weekend planed, so we’ll see what happens!  Whatever it is, I’ll be sure to let you know once it’s happened!

PS: sorry for no pictures… it’s been mostly rainy / mostly cloudy and not generally great picture taking weather!

2 Responses to “Week 3… Already?”

nora! wrote a comment on January 26, 2008

hey peter!

im glad to hear you are having a good time out west working on your mqp. nvidia totally made some part of my computer. graphics card? is that a thing computers have?


Peter wrote a comment on January 26, 2008

Hey nora!

Yep, NVidia probably made your graphics card (the picture making part) and possibly the chips that make your motherboard work too. I’m not working with the division that makes graphics cards, but I am working with the division that makes motherboard parts.