Collegiate Weekend

January 28, 2008 7:10 pm

As promised, here’s a weekend update! 

Saturday was supposed to be a very rainy day so no one had really big plans (it’s tough to do stuff when it’s raining and your primary means of transportation is walking!).   However, we woke up Saturday and discovered that it was quite nice out and not raining at all!  None of us are used to these “rainy” days that they have here where it doesn’t really rain at all!  (today was another one, except it rained hard for about 10 minutes…. but beside that it was sunny!) 

Seeing as it was sunny, we decided to head over to the Stanford campus for a bit of sight seeing.  We started in towards the hearts of the campus down Palm Drive, a nifty road that goes on for a LONG while with palm tree after palm tree down the length of it:

Palm Drive

Finally we arrived at the main part of campus:


To start, we headed up Hoover tower which overlooks the campus:



You could also clearly see the bay and mountains that surround the valley:


You could also see the NASA Ames wind tunnel that I showed you a picture of the other day:


After a while in the tower, we wandered around the campus:



After grabbing some late lunch, we started to head back out towards the caltrain as it started to look more threatening for rain, but on the way we stopped by the cactus garden.  I’m not really one for gardens, but this garden was full of plants that were completely unlike the plants I am used to. 



Some of them were huge!




And some of them were tiny:


Finally, I took a few pictures of the Caltrain that I ride nearly every day:



Sunday was a mostly quiet day.  I went to church again with my friend from WPI, continued to work on the new version of, and got my resume ready to send in a few places for summer work. 

 Now it’s on to another week with an Alpha release scheduled for this Friday. 

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