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No Computer

May 28, 2008 9:03 pm

Ya… so it finally happened, my laptop bit the dust. The power cable completely shorted out among many other problems it had.  I have brought it back to Best Buy, hoping for a replacement, but they insisted on sending it off to get fixed, so we’ll see what happens.  The the meantime, that means I’m without a computer for the next two weeks at least :-(. I’ll still have access to e-mail and such at work, but it means I wont make much of any progress on the other projects I had been working on here (audio editing, website redesign and such).  Oh well, I have been given the opportunity to do a tremendous amount of reading, which has been really enjoyable.

Also, another something to keep in prayer.  At the moment I am without housing between July 15 and June 1, and the housing that opens up June 1 may be in a very inconvienent location, so we’ll have to see more details there.  I have several other potential options, pray that one of them will work out or something suitable will work out!

Week 2

May 23, 2008 8:24 pm

Yep, another week done already.  Overall it was a fairly uneventful week.  I went to InterVarsity Tuesday and Thursday, worked on other random projects the other evenings, and worked at NVidia all day. 

As that was more or less the extent of my week’s excitement, I thought I would share a bit about my commute.  In the morning, I start by walking about 25 minutes to the caltrain station.  I catch a train that takes me down to Santa Clara in about 25(actually Lawrence, but it might as well be Santa Clara).  From there, I take a 10 minute shuttle bus ride that takes me right to NVidia.  On the way home today, I took some pictures, enjoy!

 The shuttle bus (yes, very exciting 🙂 )

View from inside the very front of the train, showing the platform on the right.  This is actually a special strech of track where there are four tracks across instead of the usual two (one north and one south).  This section allows “express” trains to pass the “local” trains that stop at every stop.

The Caltrain.  The caltrain system consists of a single rail coridor between San Fransicso and San Jose.  The trains simply go back and forth up and down this coridor, so they never turn around.  The engine always faces San Jose, and a car like this one always faces SF.  This car is special in that it has a place for the engineer (little windows up at the top) and has a lack of seats in the first level with space for bikes instead. 

This isnt really a great shot, but it was aquard trying to take a picture of the inside of the train when it was mor or less full of people.  In this picture I’m sitting on the second level, but you can see down to the main level a little bit where the seats are two wide on each side of the isle.

The final stretch of my trip home, and the real reason I wanted to share pictures of the trip with you is the walking portion.  It really is spring year round here, and the flowers remind you of this fact constantly.  Actually, wherever there isnt irrigation (sprinklers) there is very little growing, but because nearly every house has a sprinkler system along my walk home, there are tons and tons of flowers.  Enjoy!